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BE Newsletter Issue #21 10 September 2018

Mon, 03/09/2018 - 09:21
Inside this issue: Editorial - Lars Jensen, Waste Heat Recovery at CERN - Matias Peljo and Brad Schofield BE-ICS, Mon voyage aux USA - Aurelie Goldblatt, Improvement of Safety Awareness for CERN Beam Facilities - Dario Carloni and Marc Tavlet, First Beam Dynamics Results from SPS Crab Cavities - R. Calaga (BE-RF), L. Carver (BE-ABP) and T. Levens (BE-BI)

BE Newsletter Issue #20 14 June 2018

Wed, 13/06/2018 - 15:03
Editorial - L. Jensen, Safety management for extended projects - C. Gaignant, G. Rumolo et al, Accelerator Schedule Management - B. Urbaniec, Scintillating fibre beam monitor - I. Ortega Ruiz, Trainees in the BE Department - J. Kotzian, Reminder of deadlines, BE news-letter contacts.

BE Newsletter Issue #19 12 May 2018

Mon, 07/05/2018 - 14:19
Inside this issue: Editorial - L. Jensen, The HL-LHC crab cavities - G. Vandoni et al, My work as BE DAO - J. Kotzian, Diamond BLMs for LHC collimation - C. Xu et al, LINAC4 from commissioning to reliability and beam quality run - A. Lombardi et al, "Flip-dot" display in the AD control room - P. Freyermouth, CERN welcome event, Remind of deadlines, BE news-letter contacts.

BE Newsletter Issue #18 12 March 2018

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:31
Inside this issue: Introduction - Paul Collier; Editorial – Lars Jensen, The HL-LHC Collimation System and the Impedance Challenge – S. Antipov et al BE-ABP; Re-cabling for injectors - S. Easton BE-OP; Teaching a semester in Africa - U. Raich BE-BI; Distributed I/O Tier and radiation-tolerant Fieldbus - G. Daniluk BE-CO; HR matters - J. Kotzian; BE Newsletter contacts.

BE Newsletter Issue #17 December 2016

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 10:01
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen My Work Experience at CERN as a Student Trainee – Gerda Powell, Summer Trainee 2015 BE-BI Communication and Informatics for Controls – Fernando Varela, BE-ICS Controls Configuration Service – a challenge in usability – Lukasz Burdzanowski, BE-CO Pushing LEIR limits to new horizons – Giulia Bellodi, Alexander Huschauer BE-ABP Colonne Sécurité Administration & Human Resources Responsibility Changes Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #16 May 2016

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:59
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen SCADA and Distributed systems – Manuel Gonzalez Berges, BE-ICS-SDS Update on the status of the HIE-Isolde Project – Erwin Siesling, Jose Alberto Rodriguez, BE-OP-ISO PSB brightness curve for LHC beams in the Linac4 era – Elena Benedetto, V. Forte, BE-ABP-HSI, G.P. Di Giovanni, B. Mikulec, BE-OP-PSB, G. Rumolo, BE-ABP-HSC Safety Column – Organiser une visite professionnelle dans une installation faisceau – Safety Unit Responsibilitychanges& Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #15 December 2015

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:56
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen The PS to SPS Multi-Turn Extraction (MTE): ready for 2016! – Simone Gilardoni, Massimo Giovannozzi, Cedric Hernalsteens, Alexander Huschauer and Guido Sterbini on behalf of the BE-ABP team, – PSB-OP, PS-OP, and SPS-OP teams Gis Portal Racks – Olivier Barrière, BE-CO-IN Electron Cooling at CERN – Gérard Tranquille, BE-BI-EA BE-OP-TI logbook remodelling – Daniel Martin Anido, BE-OP-TI – Emanuele Matli, BE-OP-PSB A new seminar to BE – Get to know some of our brilliant young minds – Eva Barbara Holzer, BE-BI-BL BlonD(e) – Simon Albright, Theodoros Argyropoulos, Juan Esteban Müller, Alexandre Lasheen, Danilo Quartullo, Elena Shaposhnikova & Helga Timko, BE-RF, With special thanks to Danilo Piparo, PH-SFT and Alberto Pace, IT-DSS Safety Column – Ma liste de contrôle avant l’hiver – Safety Unit Responsibility changes & Special Award Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #14 August 2015

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:53
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen SPS and LHC scrubbing: A way through the clouds – Giovanni Rumolo, Giovanni Iadarola, Kevin Li, Annalisa Romano, Michael Schenk, BE-ABP-HSC, Hannes Bartosik, Lotta Mether, BE-ABP-LAT TrimMachine – a concept application – Valter Correia Costa, BE-RF-CS, Bertrand Lefort, BE-OP-AD Accelerator Performance: Statistics & Fault Tracking – Chris Roderick, BE-CO-DS Safety Column – Mesure à prendre en cas de forte chaleur ? – Safety Unit Life in BE - Beam-beam compensation for undergraduates – Ray Veness, BE-BI-ML Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #13 April 2015

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:49
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen Extra Low Energy Antiproton ring ELENA – Christian Carli, BE-ABP-HSC, on behalf of the ELENA and AD teams LEIR: When, Why, What? – Django Manglunki, BE-OP-SPS for the LEIR team LHC LLRF restart – Helga Timko, BE-RF-FB From instrumentation to education with a pixel detector – Oliver Keller, DG-EDU (formerly BE-BI-BL) Les coulisses d’un exercice d’évacuation – Annie Di Luca, Christelle Gaignant, BE-ASR-SU Safety Column – Simplification des cours de sécurité “e-learning” – Safety Unit Responsibility changes & Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #12 December 2014

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:46
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen Playing XBOX@CTF3 – Jose Luis Navarro Quirante & Frank Tecker, BE-OP-PS/CTF3 Independence for Controls – Stefan Lüders, IT-DI-CSO The Smooth Upgrades Working Group – Vito Baggiolini, BE-CO, Leader of the SUWG A Cryogenic Beam Current Monitor for Low-Energy Antiproton Facilities – Miguel Abreu Fernandes, BE-BI-PI Les EIS : Vous connaissez ? – Anne Funken, BE-ASR-SU Safety Column – Safety Unit Life in BE – Juan F. Esteban Müller, BE-RF-BR Responsibility changes & Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #11 September 2014

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:43
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen Simulating beam cleaning in the LHC – Roderik Bruce, BE-ABP-HSS The CERN Resonant WISP Search – Michael Betz, BE-BI-QP The LHC sees the light at the end of the tunnel – Matteo Solfaroli Camillocci, Mirko Pojer, BE-OP-LHC New Magnetic Alloy Based RF Cavities for Synchrotrons – Mauro Paoluzzi, BE-RF-IS Safety column – Prevention against oxygen deficiency hazard (ODH) in the LHC – Safety Unit Responsibility changes & Newsletter contacts

BE Newsletter Issue #10 April 2014

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:24
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen Laser-based Transverse Emittance Measurement for LINAC4 – T. Hofmann, BE-BI-PM New SPS energy saving scheme – S. Cettour Cave, V. Kain, BE-OP-SPS, C. Kittel, BE-OP-PS, J.-C. Bau, BE-CO-HT, S. Page, BE-CO-DO Bio-LEIR A “healthy” future ahead – A. Garonna, (ex ABP-HSC), PH-UGC – D. Abler, Oxford University & IT-SDC Latest safety alerts – Safety Unit Safety column – Something new in the PS complex – Safety Unit

BE Newsletter Issue #9 December 2013

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:22
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen Linac4 type position measurement and more... – J. Tan, BE-BI-PI, M. Ludwig, BE-BI-SW Time for JUAS 2014 – Guido Sterbini, BE-ABP-LIS Inspector, a rapid application development framework with embedded telemetry and alarm capabilities for hardware specialiste and machine operators – Bertrand Lefort, BE-OP-AD, Martino Giordano Ferrari, BE-OP-PSB Raspberry Pi, unesolution rapide, économique et compacte – Eric Veyrunes, BE-OP-SPS LifeinBE – Ester Sancho Cabrera, BE-RF-PM Latest safety alerts – Safety Unit Safety column – Safety Unit

BE Newsletter Issue #8 September 2013

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:18
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen Cryogenic Beam Loss Monitors (CryoBLM) for the LHC –Marcin Bartosik, Bernd Dehning, Barbara Holzer, Christoph Kurfuerst and Mariusz Sapinski, BE-BI-BL LHC Magnet Splice Quality Control – Jean-Charles Dumont, BE-OP-PS, Guy Crockford, BE-OP-LHC Virtual PC: The standard BE/CO tool for developers of controls applications – Luigi Gallerani, BE-CO-IN Reshaping of Injector alignment – Patrick Bestmann, Tobias Dobers, D. Missiaen, BE-ABP-SU Linac4: Premiers faisceaux à 3 MeV – J.-B. Lallement, BE-ABP-HSL Latest safety alerts – SafetyUnit Life in BE – Tom Levens, BE-RF-FB

BE Newsletter Issue #7 April 2013

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:14
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen New Isolde Synoptic project – Martino Giordano Ferrari, BE-OP-PSB, Emiliano Piselli, BE-BI-BL Nivellement rapide dans le LHC – Jean-Frédéric Fuchs, BE-ABP-SU, Dominique Missiaen, BE-ABP-SU The Software Improvement Process– Tools and Rules to Encourage Quality –Katarina Sigerud, BE-CO-DA, Vito Baggiolini, BE-CO-DO Emitance Mètre pour le Linac4 à partir de 3 MeV – Delphine Gérard, BE-BI-ML Superconducting RF and Infrastructure Upgrading at CERN – Karl Schirm, BE-RF-SRF Identification des risques à mon poste de travail – Analyse de risques – BE Safety Unit Stress and back pains: who can escape? Safety column – Safety Unit Prevessin site – Pedestrian and cycle entrance Life in BE

BE Newsletter Issue #6 December 2012

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:10
Inside this issue: Editorial – Ronny Billen HL-LHC Crab Cavities – Rama Calaga, BE-RF-BR LHC beam production in the PS – Christoph Kittel, BE-OP-PS BetaBeams for neutrino physics at CERN –Elena Wildner, BE-ABP-ICE CLIC through the eyes of art students – Mick Draper, BE-CO ACAS from the land Down Under – Ralph J. Steinhagen, BE-BI-QP Safety Column – BE Safety Unit

BE Newsletter Issue #5 September 2012

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:06
Inside this issue: Editorial – R. Billen Lindau meeting – Giulia Papotti – BE-OP-LHC, Roderik Bruce – BE-ABP- LCU Knowledge transfer in the BE Department – a discussion – Fritz Caspers, BE-RF-BR Cherenkov Fibers as a Beam Loss Monitor for CLIC – Sophie Mallows, BE-BI-BL Putting the Hadrons in the LHC – R. Scrivens, BE-ABP-HSL Life in BE – G. Kautzman, BE-ABP-SU Safety Column – BE Safety Unit Safety issues for LS1 – Special issue, BE Safety Unit Responsibility Changes and Special Awards – ASR-AS

BE Newsletter Issue #4 May 2012

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:03
Inside this issue: Editorial – R. Billen BE Newsletter Survey Outcome – The Editorial Team HL-LHC motivations and challenges – Riccardo de Maria, BE-ABP-LCU Véhicule de service ou privé ? – BE-ASR-SU Tuning the LHC – Marek Gasior, BE-BI-QP ACCOR – Marc Vanden Eynden, BE-CO-FE Safety Column – BE Safety Unit Management Changes – ASR-AS

BE Newsletter Issue #3 December 2011

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 09:01
Inside this issue: Editorial – R. Billen OPERA : The experiment, which will change the world ? –J. Serrano, BE-CO-HT Determination of the distance to Gran Sasso – M. Jones, BE-ABP-SU J’aime les GEM – J. Spanggaard , BE-BI ELENA, A new challenge for the RF Group – M. E. Angoletta, BE-RF Safety Column – BE Safety Unit Parc automobile, autopartage, gaz naturel.. Que faut-il retenir sur les voitures du CERN? – A. Di Luca – C. Thomas, BE-ASR Life in BE – H. Bartosik, BE-ABP-LIS

BE Newsletter Issue #2 August 2011

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 08:57
Sécurité – Faites vous aider ! – BE Safety Unit Les transformateurs de mesure de faisceau DC du LHC – Patrick Odier pour BI Progress on CLIC Two-Beam Module (TBM) Development – Alexander Samoshkin, CMWG Safety Column – BE Safety Unit BTE Desktop – Pierre Charrue, CO-IN Life in BE – Glenn Vanbavinckhove, ABP-LCU


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