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BE Newsletter Issue #2 August 2011

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 08:57
Sécurité – Faites vous aider ! – BE Safety Unit Les transformateurs de mesure de faisceau DC du LHC – Patrick Odier pour BI Progress on CLIC Two-Beam Module (TBM) Development – Alexander Samoshkin, CMWG Safety Column – BE Safety Unit BTE Desktop – Pierre Charrue, CO-IN Life in BE – Glenn Vanbavinckhove, ABP-LCU

BE Newsletter Issue #1 May 2011

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 08:53
Inside this issue: Editorial – Paul Collier, BE Department Head Un nouvel outil de sécurité : le « Beam Permit » – Marc Tavlet on behalf of ASR-SU Characterizing the LHC Beams’ Transverse and Longitudinal Distributions with Synchrotron Radiation Monitors – Federico Roncarolo on behalf of BI-PM La micro-triangulation, l’optimisation d’un instrument traditionnel – Sylvain Griffet on behalf of ABP-SU OP-TI in a Nutshell – Eric Lienard on behalf of OP-TI LHC Transverse Damper from Commissioning to Routine – Wolfgang Hofle on behalf of RF-FB Safety Column – Magali Gruwé on behalf of ASR-SU BTE Desktop – Pierre Charrue, CO-IN Life in BE – Zereyakob Makonnen, CO-DM


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