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Latest News (20180321)

The new safety course "CMS – Construction site hoist - Alimak" is ready for test on SIR. After completing the course and having taken the test, you can leave your feedback by filling the online forms available at these links:

You can follow the courses at these links:

Please note that:

  1. The deadline for reviewing the courses is: Monday, 25-03-2018 noon (sorry for the duration of the test, this is exceptional because it is a temporary course)
  2. For this evaluation phase the course support is in both official language. However, for the test, only a French version has been prepared.
  3. If you wish to suggest someone else in your section/group to be included in the list of testers, please reply to this e-mail indicating their names.
  4. The audience for these courses is:
    everyone that needs access to the underground Point 5.

Shall you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact Safety Training at:


Le nouveau cours de sécurité « CMS - Ascenseur de chantier - Alimak » est en ligne pour une phase de test. Après avoir suivi le cours et passé le test, merci de nous faire part de vos commentaires en répondant à ce questionnaire :

Pour suivre le cours, veuillez cliquer ici :

Merci de noter que :

  1. La date butoir pour l’évaluation est : Lundi, 25-03-2018 midi (désolé pour la durée de ce test, ceci est exceptionnel car c’est un cours temporaire)
  2. Pour cette phase d’évaluation le support de cours est dans les 2 langues. Cependant, pour le test, seule la version Française est disponible.
  3. Si vous souhaitez suggérer l’ajout d’autres personnes de votre groupe/section dans la liste des testeurs, merci de répondre à cet e-mail, en indiquant leurs noms.
  4. Ce cours s’adresse aux personnes devant accéder au souterrain du Point 5.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions à


Vincent OSMONT, Safety Training – Instructional Designer, Office: 93/1-031





We would like to inform you that the course Altium Designer - Saisie de Schemas has been scheduled for the following dates: 15-16/05/18 in French.


This course takes place only once a year and we are currently missing 2 participants for this session to be held.

People interested must sign-up via the following link before 29 March:


Marie Lahchimi, Technical Training




The new session of the course 'Developing secure software' will take place on Tuesday April 10th. More information and registration at




In the beginning of 2017, all people who work at CERN and are trainers in one of the CERN Learning Programmes were asked to complete a survey. Following the analysis of the results, the CERN Learning Board decided that a “Training for trainers” would be a response to a large part of the issues raised, and recommended to organise a pilot session, which took place in the Autumn.


Following the positive feedback, and after some minor adjustments, we are happy to be able to propose now this course to all present and future trainers.
We are also happy to propose you this training free of charge for your department.


You will find here are the details about this course, and a link to enrol :

Train the Trainer’


For 2018, 2 sessions are planned :

  • 17-18 May in English
  • 27-28 September in French


We hope you will enjoy this opportunity !


Technical Management Training


Erwin MOSSELMANS      +41 22 767 4125

Hanan BRIOUAL               +41 22 767 4924

Nathalie DUMEAUX        +41 22 767 8144




Please note that there 3 new articles on HR-LD News concerning the Technical Management Portfolio

which you can also find on the page under the heading Learning and Development.


It concerns :


  • the addition of 2 new courses in the offer :
    • Managing small and non-technical projects with openSE : there is a first course at the end of the month with a few places left
    • Procurement and Contract management for Industrial Services : a first course is scheduled for early May 2018. Participants should have followed first the course on Supplies, and there are still 2 sessions before May 2018.


  • The creation of a community of practice for project management to foster the exchange of experience and best practices through
    • an e-group where members can post a message
    • Meet-Ups which are organised every 4 weeks and last 1 hour – the topics are proposed by participants and/or experts
    • an Indico category to find news about past and future activities



Erwin MOSSELMANS, 74125

Hanan BRIOUAL, 74924

Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144




For your information, some short videos IT recently made on:

    a. the new indico functions
    b. the life on an indico conference in detail
    c. How to use Skype For Business at CERN

The videos are in the twiki from our CDS collection, where you can find plenty of other good stuff, so please have a look.


Maria Dimou Tel:+41227673356




Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to announce the launch of two new courses in the Leadership/Personal Development & Communication Portfolio scheduled to take place this Autumn. 


Title: Coaching : an effective tool for managers

Target audience: All supervisors who are interested in developing their coaching skills to maximise their own impact and the performance of others


Continue to build a repertoire of management styles by:

  • Having a clear understanding of how and when to apply a coaching approach and what “Good Coaching” looks like
  • Building confidence and practice the key skills to have an effective coaching conversation
  • Gaining an understanding and practice the GROW coaching model

Duration: 1.5 days  + 1 hour individual coaching follow-up conversation

For more information: please consult course description ‘Coaching: an effective tool for managers’ in CTA.



Title: Expert Train-the-Trainer Programme

Target audience: All Members of Personnel who are required to deliver training within the next six months


  • Gain knowledge, practical skills and techniques to deliver successful and effective training
  • Understand and analyse audience needs and tailor content and programme delivery accordingly
  • Develop strategies to manage and adapt to different audiences (level and challenge)
  • Raise awareness of own learning/training styles

Duration: 2 days

For more information: please consult course description ‘Expert Train-the-Trainer Programme’ in CTA.


Elizabeth Barzdo, HR Department, Learning & Development Group

Telephone :          +41.22.766.33.61




We would like to announce that the course EMAG is now available in the catalogue.

Foundations of Magnetic Field Computation and Measurements for Accelerator Magnets (EMAG)

Target audience: Scientific engineer and applied physicists.
Pre-requisites: Theoretical knowledge or practical experience in electromagnetism and finite-element techniques, linear algebra, vector-analysis.
Duration: 18 h lecture, 6 h tutorial and exercises (5 days).


A session for this course will be scheduled as soon as we will receive enough requests.




We would like to announce that the Geant4 course: Beginners and the Geant4 course: Advanced are now available in the catalogue.

Geant4 course: Beginners

Target audience: Mainly physicists, but also engineers.
 - Basic knowledge of the C++ language
- Basic knowledge of MC simulation techniques
- Availability of a laptop with Virtual Machine pre-installed (instructions for VM installation will be provided in due time)  

Duration: 2 days

Geant4 course: Advanced

Target audience: Mainly physicists, but also engineers.
-  Basic knowledge of the C++ language
- Knowledge and basic experience in using the Geant4 simulation toolkit
- Having followed the Geant4 beginners course (link) or equivalent knowledge
- Availability of a laptop with Virtual Machine pre-installed (instructions for VM installation will be provided in due time)  

Duration: 1,5 days


A session for each course will be scheduled as soon as we will receive enough requests.



For staff members:

As a reminder before the MERIT interviews and in line with the CERN Learning & Development Policy, some courses are mandatory for recently hired staff. In particular:


For supervisors:

As a reminder before MERIT interviews and in line with the CERN Learning & Development Policy, some courses are obligatory for supervisors. In particular:

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