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Latest News (20190525)

We are pleased to announce that we have 100 licences available until 31-Mar-2020 to access the platform UDEMY for CERN, which includes over 3000 courses on different topics selected from the portfolio.

Learners can subscribe via the Learning Hub, see details below:

UDEMY for CERN (link to Learning Hub)

See list of available courses

Price: 175 CHF

What: access to the Udemy for CERN e-learning platform until 31-Mar-2020.

Important information:  

  • When a learner subscribes, he/she must make a request for a specific course.
  • The learner is required to complete the course indicated in the enrolment request.
  • In addition, the learner will have access to the full Udemy for CERN portfolio until 31-Mar-2020 at no additional costs.


Michal Kwiatek (IT-CDA) and Maria Fiascaris (HR-LD)




Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to follow up on the article in the bulletin, the information given to the departmental management about ‘Focus on your Career: Develop your potential’, and in the admin e-guide.

In essence, a ‘Focus conversation’ with your supervisor will provide you with an opportunity to reflect upon and define development goals that are realistic and achievable within the next 3-5 years. 

The process is devised in such a way that the ownership and actions towards success remain firmly in the hands of the staff member. Your supervisor is there to support you, provide guidance and give you feedback as you strive to achieve your goals.

The ‘Focus on Your Career’ conversation’ consists of four key phases:

  • Step 1: Preparing (for the conversation by attending the ‘Balance workshop’ for staff or ‘Balance workshop’ for supervisors)
  • Step 2: Having the conversation
  • Step 3: Taking action to achieve your goals (action planning)
  • Step 4: Getting support towards the successful completion of goals

Should you need more information, feel free to contact your HRA or L&D (Pascale Goy and Elizabeth Barzdo).

We look forward to welcoming you soon on the ‘Balance’ programme and in the meantime, can also be contacted via email:

Kind regards,





Please find below some of the upcoming courses scheduled where we are currently missing some participants for the courses to be held:

Octave Module 1: GNU Octave Basics, 3-4 Jun 2019


Core Spring, Spring MVC and Spring Security: 03-06 June 2019

JAVA - Level 1: 03-06 June 2019

JAVA - Level 1, 3-6 Jun 2019

Octave Module 2: GNU Octave Advanced, 5 Jun 2019

MS Sharepoint Collaboration Workspace - Level 1: 06-07 June 2019

CERN EDMS for Local Administrators: 07 June 2019

CERN : Indico - Organizing Scientific Conferences: 11 June 2019

CERN : Introduction to APT (I): 12 June 2019

Javascript/jQuery/AJAX course: 12-14 June 2019

JavaScript for Web development, 12-14 Jun 2019

CERN EDMS - Introduction (short version): 14 June 2019

MS OFFICE : Etre plus efficace avec POWERPOINT : 18 June 2019

Sécurité Fonctionelle : 18-19 June 2019

JavaFX 8 for Swing developers : 20-21 June 2019

DIAdem – basics : 24-26 June 2019

MS OFFICE : WORD - Expert (Niveau 2): 27-28 June 2019

C++ Introduction 26-28 Jun, 3-5 Jul 2019


Marie-Laure LECOQ

Technical Training, Learning & Development, CERN HR Department

Ph: +41 (0) 22 767 4924




Face aux nombreuses demandes que nous recevons quotidiennement, notre service a mis en place plusieurs formulaires en ligne pour traiter notamment :

  • Les demandes des cours en ligne bloqués (après 3 échecs consécutifs)
  • Les demandes de sessions sur mesure (spécificité : langue, date, audience, lieu etc.)
  • Les demandes de cours sur mesure (non existant au catalogue)

Pour chacune de ces demandes spécifiques, notre service a mis en place des formulaires en ligne permettant:

  • De mieux vous guider dans votre demande
  • A notre service d’avoir tous les éléments nécessaires pour traiter vote demande

Ces formulaires sont tous disponibles sur le CERN Service Portal <>.


our service has developed multiple online forms to face regular requests such as:

  • Request to unblock an online course (after 3 consecutive failures)
  • Request of tailor-made session (specificity : language, date, audience, location etc.)
  • Request of tailor-made course (outside the training catalogue)

For each request, our service has implemented online forms in order to:

  • Better guide users in their requests
  • Obtain all the necessary elements to deal with daily requests


All these online forms are available on the CERN Service Portal <>.


Marion THYES

Course Coordinator

CERN Safety Training

Tel : +41 22 76 79935




Scientific writing

We have found a new trainer, which was spotted by CERN engineers attending a conference, where his intervention was highly appreciated by all.
Raymond Boxman has also written a good book on this topic, which is available in the CERN library (paper and electronic)

The format is 4 consecutive half-days, with homework every day. We have planned a session in September.

Enrolment is open.

Scientific writing
Convincing Scientific Presentations


Technical Management Training

Erwin MOSSELMANS      +41 22 767 4125

Nathalie DUMEAUX        +41 22 767 8144




Respecting Privacy in the processing of personal data at CERN

With the publication of OC11, those people who process Personal Data might want to check if their practices are in line with the principles set out by the Organisation.

Our aim is to reach in first instance all service owners (some 200 at CERN), but the course is open to anyone who processes Personal Data.

There are sessions in English and French, and the course is highly rated by those who have attended the sessions already organised so far.

  • 24 June (French)
  • 25 June (English)
  • 13 September (English)
  • 7 October (French)


Here is an article with more info.


Technical Management Training

Erwin MOSSELMANS      +41 22 767 4125

Nathalie DUMEAUX        +41 22 767 8144


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