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Latest News (20190805)

CERN Safety Training

Marion THYES, 79935


Technical Training

Maria FIASCARIS, 60046

Marie LAHCHIMI, 72844

Nathalie PERKINS, 72844


Language Training

Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144

Margot MONTASSINE, 63943


Technical Management Training

Erwin MOSSELMANS, 74125

Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144


Leadership Training

Pascale GOY, 62232

Elizabeth EASTWOOD-BARZDO, 63361

Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144


Personal Development & Communication

Elizabeth EASTWOOD-BARZDO, 63361

Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144


******************* GENERAL NEWS ****************



French placement test

The placement test is MANDATORY for those who haven't studied French at CERN for the last six months.

Enrolment deadline: 16-Aug-2019 for anyone wishing to take a French course in September 2019

Test de placement - Anglais

Un test de placement est OBLIGATOIRE pour ceux qui n'ont jamais assisté à un cours d'anglais au CERN ou qui n'ont pas suivi de cours au CERN depuis au moins six mois.

Date limite d’inscription: 16-Aug-2019, pour les personnes qui souhaiteraient participer à un cours dès septembre 2019

General and Professional French courses - If people do not need a placement test, the enrolment deadline is as follows :

Course period Mid-September - End of November. Enrolment deadline 9th September 2019

General and Professional English courses  - Si les personnes n’ont pas besoin d’un test de placement, la date limite d’inscription est la suivante :

Course period Mid-September - End of November. Enrolment deadline 9th September 2019



**New course in the Portfolio**

Getting to Grips with Supervision -  a new course for supervisors of Fellows, Students and Trainees (half-day) – 22 October and 5 November 2019


**New courses in the Portfolio**

A series of short workshops delving into the topic of Resilience.

Join Alexia Michiels, partner at The Resilience Institute Europe, for a series of 3 dynamic interactive workshops suggesting how to respond constructively to a demanding work environment


CERN BOOKBOON E-LIBRARY. Licenses available to purchase (CHF 30 per license) which gives access to hundreds of e-books on various communication, leadership and personal development topics.



We are setting up a 1 day course on Fraud detection and prevention, specifically for the Pension Fund and FAP, which will take place in October.

If other departments are interested to organise a similar training, please contact us.


**Train the Trainer – new format**

  • We have decided to change the format of the course, by splitting it in 2 modules :

Module 1 : training design – 1 day with 1 hour individual coaching

Module 2 : training delivery – 1 day with 1 hour individual/group coaching

The 2 modules together cover the same content as the actual course (there will be one last session in English in October).

The new format takes into account the needs of a lot of internal trainers, especially for Safety training, who do not design the course and are only delivering.
These people only need Module 2. Dates of sessions will be published in the course of July.



**Udemy for CERN**

  • Given the large demand for Udemy licences, we have requested 100 more licences which will be available from 1-Sept-2019 and will be valid until 31-Mar-2020. 
  • It is now possible to enrol again by joining a waitlist (link) and licences will be assigned as they become available.


*******************PLACES STILL AVAILABLE ON UPCOMING COURSES****************



Places still available for sessions which are below the minimum number of participants and which would be a pity to cancel
Scientific writing  - 9-12 September
Project management with openSE  - 03-17-24 October
Respecting Privacy in the processing of personal data at CERN  - 13 September 



‘Balance’ Programme for Supervisors in the context of ‘Focus on Your Career’ (English and French)
‘Balance’ Programme for Supervisees in the context of ‘Focus on Your Career’ (English and French)


Developing a High Performance Team – 18-19 September

Développer le potentiel de l'équipe – 10-11 October 2019
Agile Leadership (English) 22 October



Upcoming courses for which we are still missing participants:

·         AutoCAD (niveau 1): 09-17/09/2019

·         High-throughput FPGA in LabVIEW & FlexRIO: 09-11/09/2019

·         Modern JavaScript and HTML 5 API for JavaScript developers: 09-11/09/2019

·         Siemens - STEP7 (level 2): 09-13/09/2019

Drupal 8 (Part 1) : Site Building and Editing : 12-13/09/2019

·         FESA Hands-on : 16-19/09/2019

SmarTeam - CATIA data manager at CERN: 16-18 /09/2019

Design and Sustainability in C++: 18-20/09/2019

·         Altium Designer essentials: 18-20/09/2019

·         JAVA - Level 2: 23-26/09/2019

·         MS OFFICE : ACCESS - Proficient (Level 1): 23-24/09/2019

·         Core Spring, Spring MVC and Spring Security: 24-27/09/2019

·         Expert VHDL for FPGA Design: 30/09-04/10/2019

·         Introduction to Python for Data Analysis : 30/09- 02/10/2019

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