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We would like to inform you that we are currently missing 5 participants for this course to be held.

Altium Designer essentials, 02-05/10/18 in French: (Training requests need to be received before 29/08/2018)

Marie Lahchimi

Ph: +41 (0) 22 76 72844




We would like to inform you that the course Consulting Group training (Outlook) has been scheduled for the following dates: 25.09.2018 in French and in English.

People interested must sign-up via the following link before 12 September :



Ph: +41 (0) 22 76 74924




Free LabVIEW workshops will be held at IdeaSquare (building 3179) starting on the 6th of August from 18:00 till 20:00 for 6 Mondays in a row for students and anyone who would like to learn LabVIEW. Beginners level, no prerequisites required. For students, by students.


Why LabVIEW? Because it’s a visual, graphical way of programming, very different from text based programming.

Why after working hours? Because it’s not meant to impact other work or training you are doing.

Why in IdeaSquare? Because it’s a creative environment also used for hackathons and FabLab work.


For more info see


Adriaan Rijllart
Measurement, Test and Analysis section leader
CERN LabVIEW support leader
EN/SMM group
Phone 160339



Leadership portfolio: Développer le potentiel de l’équipe (ce cours existe déjà en anglais et maintenant nous pouvons l’offrir en français)

Date : 15-16 octobre 2018

Coût :  CHF 950

Audience : Tous les membres du personnel souhaitant développer leurs compétences de leadership d'équipe et optimiser les performances de l'équipe et des individus


Apprendre à :

  • Identifier les caractéristiques d'une équipe hautement performante
  • Obtenir des outils et des techniques pratiques qui permettent de faire évoluer votre équipe et renforcer la performance
  • Elaborer un plan de développement sur 12 mois afin d'optimiser le potentiel de votre équipe


Si vous avez des questions n’hésitez pas à contacter




Personal Development & Communication portfolioIQ v EQ - Becoming emotionally smart / Développons notre intelligence émotionnelle

Date : 17 October 2018 (1 day + 1 hour virtual individual coaching with the facilitator)

Cost :  CHF 459

Language: Bilingual (session in both English and French)

Target audience : All staff members who would like to understand more about how emotions impact on people and how to manage own emotions


  • Learn the fundamentals of brain science that determines our behaviours and emotional reactions in certain situations
  • Raise self-awareness of the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the professional working and personal environment
  • Discover the core emotional competencies
  • Evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement in relation to the four emotional core competencies
  • Develop a concrete action plan on how to develop your emotional competencies


Both courses are also featured on the HR website in LD News.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact




Dear EDMS Users and EDMS Local Administrators,


We would like to inform you about the recent changes in the EDMS Training programme.

Following successful pilot sessions in 2017, we decided to shorten both the Introduction Training and the Local Administrator training to half-day and one day respectively. We encourage you to use and promote these sessions not only to train the newcomers, but also to refresh the general knowledge of EDMS in your groups.

The courses’ dates and place availability is published in the CTA: CERN EDMS - Introduction , CERN EDMS for Local Administrators


You can find more information about the training and self-learning on our Service Pages.


Best regards,

The EDMS Team




In the beginning of 2017, all people who work at CERN and are trainers in one of the CERN Learning Programmes were asked to complete a survey. Following the analysis of the results, the CERN Learning Board decided that a “Training for trainers” would be a response to a large part of the issues raised, and recommended to organise a pilot session, which took place in the Autumn.


Following the positive feedback, and after some minor adjustments, we are happy to be able to propose now this course to all present and future trainers.
We are also happy to propose you this training free of charge for your department.


You will find here are the details about this course, and a link to enrol :

Train the Trainer’


For 2018, 2 sessions are planned :

  • 17-18 May in English
  • 27-28 September in French


We hope you will enjoy this opportunity !


Technical Management Training


Erwin MOSSELMANS      +41 22 767 4125

Hanan BRIOUAL               +41 22 767 4924

Nathalie DUMEAUX        +41 22 767 8144



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