BE Groups

  • Responsible for studying and understanding the beam dynamics over the complete CERN Accelerator Complex through theoretical, simulation and experimental studies.

  • Provides services to all BE staff members and the Department Head in matters of Administration, Safety, Budget & Personnel planning.

  • Responsible for designing, building and maintaining the instruments that allow observation of the particle beams and the measurement of related parameters for all CERN accelerators and transfer lines.

  • Responsible for the specification, design, procurement, integration, installation, commissioning and operation of the controls infrastructure for all CERN Accelerators, their transfer lines and the Experimental Areas. 

  • Provides solutions and support for industrial control systems and develops, installs and maintains CERN's safety systems including fire and gas detection, evacuation and access control.

  • Responsible for the operation of all CERN present and future Accelerators, their associated Experimental Areas and for the monitoring of the overall technical infrastructure at CERN.

  • Responsible for the RF Acceleration and Transverse Damping Systems for CERN accelerators. Our team operates the RF systems of existing accelerators and participates to the design of future accelerators and upgrades to existing machines.

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