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Latest News (20180423)

Applications are open for the 2018 CERN School of Computing (CSC 2018) which takes place on October 1-14 in Tel Aviv, Israel.


The two-week academic programme consists of more than 50 hours of lectures and hands-on exercises, covering three main themes: base technologies, physics computing, and data technologies. 

All details, including the application form, can be found at

The School is limited to 60 students. The total fee is EUR 1500 per student (financial support may be available for justified cases). The deadline for applications is SUNDAY MAY 13.

You are most welcome to pass this information on to potentially interested colleagues, inside or outside CERN. I apologise to those who will receive this announcement through multiple channels.

For all enquiries and correspondence related to the School, please email 




In the beginning of 2017, all people who work at CERN and are trainers in one of the CERN Learning Programmes were asked to complete a survey. Following the analysis of the results, the CERN Learning Board decided that a “Training for trainers” would be a response to a large part of the issues raised, and recommended to organise a pilot session, which took place in the Autumn.


Following the positive feedback, and after some minor adjustments, we are happy to be able to propose now this course to all present and future trainers.
We are also happy to propose you this training free of charge for your department.


You will find here are the details about this course, and a link to enrol :

Train the Trainer’


For 2018, 2 sessions are planned :

  • 17-18 May in English
  • 27-28 September in French


We hope you will enjoy this opportunity !


Technical Management Training


Erwin MOSSELMANS      +41 22 767 4125

Hanan BRIOUAL               +41 22 767 4924

Nathalie DUMEAUX        +41 22 767 8144




For your information, some short videos IT recently made on:

    a. the new indico functions
    b. the life on an indico conference in detail
    c. How to use Skype For Business at CERN

The videos are in the twiki from our CDS collection, where you can find plenty of other good stuff, so please have a look.


Maria Dimou Tel:+41227673356

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