Departmental Roles


BE Roles & Representatives    
AFC (Fellow Committee rep.) I. Laugier
ATS Seminars E. Metral
BE Seminars E. Laderi
BE Departmental CCRB rep. R. Billen
BE Student Advisor B. Holzer
Data Protection Officer A. Valenza
Cryo Safety Officer O. Pirotte (TE-CRG) for the A&T Sector
DAO (Administrative Officer) G. Jean
DAPT (APT Coordinator) I. Laugier
D&I (Diversity & Integration) E. Gschwendtner & O. Oyvind Andreassen,
DPO (Planning Officer) R. Billen
DDPO (Deputy Planning Officer) I. Laugier
DSM (Space Manager) E. Mahner (ad interim) or
DSO (Safety Officer) C. Gaignant
DDSO (Deputy Safety Officer) A. Herty
DTO (Training Officer) I. Laugier
DWB (Web Master) S. Deghaye
Flammable Gas Officer D. Jaillet (BE-EA for A&T Sector)
KT representatives E. van der Biij & A. Rodriguez,
Laser Safety Officer B. March (SY-STI for A&T Sector)
MPC (MERIT Coordinator) R. Billen
RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) K. Weiss
DRSO (Deputy Radiation Safety Officer) J. Lendaro
Special HR Programmes Coordinator (VI, FTEC, FTC) I. Laugier
TM (Travel Manager) E. Laderi
DTM (Deputy Travel Manager) A. Valenza
TSC (Student Committee Coordinator) I. Laugier
TTE (Technical Training Expertise Coordinator) I. Laugier