Projects working with BE

Project Project Leader URL
Accelerator Consolidation Project Mike Lamont Link
HIE-ISOLDE Yacine Kadi Link
HiRadMat Ilias Efthymiopoulos Link
LHC Collimation Project Stefano Redaelli Link
MTE - Multi-Turn Extraction Massimo Giovannozzi Link
LIU - LHC Injectors Upgrade Malika Meddahi Link
HL-LHC - High Luminosity LHC Lucio Rossi Link
Linac4 Maurizio Vretenar Link
CLIC - Compact Linear Collider Steinar Stapnes Link
CTF3 - CLIC Test Facility 3 Roberto Corsini Link
SPL- Superconducting Proton Linac Frank Gerigk Link
R2E - Radiation To Electronics Markus Brugger Link
ELENA (Extra Low Energy Antiproton Ring) Christian Carli  
SPS Light Ions Django Manglunki  
AWAKE (Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration) Edda Gschwendtner  

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