15 Sep/23
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

The design of the ENUBET beamline


31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre at CERN

Passcode: 806798


"The precision of measurements of neutrino cross-sections at the GeV/c regime is limited by the exact knowledge of the initial neutrino flux, which is affected by uncertainties on hadron production and particle propagation along a secondary beamline. The ENUBET ERC project (NP06) is proposing a novel facility, capable of constraining the neutrino flux normalization through the precise monitoring of the K+ β†’ 𝑒+ πœ‹0 𝜈 decay products in an instrumented decay tunnel.
Many studies have been performed up to date for a beamline design with a central momentum of 8.5 GeV/c, considered optimal for πœ‹ + /e+ separation efficiency.Β 
During this seminar, I'll present the still ongoing R&D studies on a broad-momentum range secondary beamline (4, 6 and 8.5 GeV/c) objects of my doctoral thesis. I'll discuss the primary target optimisation in terms of material and geometry as well as the optimum choice of a primary proton momentum. Finally, I'll present an outlook on the secondary beamline design and optimization in terms of optics, transmission, and background reduction, as well as first ideas on instrumentation.”