The Geodetic Metrology Group within the Beams Department (BE-GM) provides metrology and alignment for components installed in the accelerators, their beam transfer lines and the physics experiments throughout the CERN complex. It also handles the geodetic aspects of the CERN reference systems.

The Group is responsible for:

  • the alignment of accelerator elements.
  • the metrology of experimental detectors both for their assembly and for their positioning on the beam lines.
  • the design, installation and maintenance of permanent monitoring and alignment systems in specific areas.
  • the geodetic aspects of CERN reference systems, their related infrastructure and the production of geodetic and mathematical models combined with survey data processing algorithms.
  • the definition of all beamline alignment parameters in the CERN coordinate system (CCS).
  • the quality control and metrological works on accelerator and detector components when classical workshop methods cannot be applied, as well as the final as-built measurements.
  • the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of the software dedicated to survey activities.
  • research and development related to all these tasks for upgrades to existing machines and for future accelerator and experimental projects. This includes the development and application of alignment solutions based on advanced technologies and methods such as photogrammetry, frequency scanning interferometry, geo-referenced laser scanning and laser tracking.

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