26 Nov/21
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

A Robotic System for Remote Interventions in the FCC Complex



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A Robotic System for Remote Interventions in the FCC Complex



The perception, cognition and control of robotic systems was advancing rapidly in the last decades and is even speeding up, benefiting from increasing computation power and technologies like artificial intelligence. These developments enabled robots to handle tasks that are more complex while operating with a higher level of automation. Extrapolating the state of robotic intelligence by roughly two decades, such systems will be able to handle most of the planned and many of the unplanned or emergency interventions in FCC. Many of the manual or less automated interventions in the LHC complex can hardly be applied to a three times longer FCC tunnel, without either increasing efforts in workforce and money or accepting longer machine down times. A robotic system will decrease machine down time, facilitate fast and robust interventions, reduce the radiation exposure of workers and possibly prevent or support during emergencies.

The seminar will start with a brief introduction about robotics in general and show how the BE-CEM group approaches these challenges. The second part of the seminar will focus on a novel robotic system for remote and automated interventions over the full life cycle of the FCC complex. This will contain a Remote Maintenance Code of Practice, a survey presenting the most important robotic interventions, ongoing work concerning the integration of the robotic system in the cross section of the FCC tunnel and results from simulations, design optimizations as well as the future prototype for proof of concept studies.